Sydney Head Office
Size: 2,348.5 sqm
Timescale: 8 months


HomeLoans/Resimac has been providing Australians with a refreshing alternative to the banks for their home finance since 1985. They have been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) since 2001, and in October 2016, Homeloans merged with another of Australia’s most respected Non-Bank Lenders, RESIMAC Limited. Like Homeloans,
Homeloans primary drivers for this project were consolidation, attraction and retention of talent, innovation. They wanted a more efficient use of their floor space ratio as they felt hampered by an inefficient dispersion of personnel owing to the lack of appropriate space.

Homeloans had a desire to re-stack the existing employee base and also wanted to up-date the image of the
firm. Additionally, there was a strong desire to take advantage of the market conditions that would allow for an early renegotiation of their existing lease obligation with the intent of lowering immediate costs and locking in at more aggressive terms under a new lease.

CRCPG was retained by Homeloans to execute the negotiations and to implement the completion of the project. By imposing market leverage on the Landlord, CRCPG was able to renegotiate the existing lease, thus lowering the bottom line costs and was able to lock in long term favourable rates that would provide cost savings in the future. Additionally, CRCPG was able to negotiate a larger incentive on the make good works, thus limiting the amount of out of pocket expenses to Homeloans.


For the project, CRCPG selected and managed the design team, general contractors, and other key team members. We developed and tracked the project budget, maintained the construction schedule, and led the furniture manufacturer selection process. And they wanted all this done was relocating staff between two floors without any downtime for their businesses


The client was moved in on schedule, avoiding any monetary penalties or business downtime with the server room being installed parallel to the original system without conflict. With existing interior improvements completely removed, a warm new collaborative environment for staff to work within was created.

Scope of Works

Space Planning and design consultancy

Services design (including fire, hydraulic. Mechanical, electrical)

Workplace assessment

Project Management

Air-conditioning and lighting modifications

Slab penetrations for services

IT requirements

Data and cabling and comms requirements

Furniture, fittings and electrical

Partitioning and doors

Specialist security

Change management

Relocation management