Why Companies Need a Tenant Representative When Negotiating with Landlords

When it comes to addressing corporate real estate needs, it is vital that you have a trusted authority who is on your side and representing your best interests. Landlords will always have representation, which is why it is equally important for tenants to have a representative too.

Why a tenant representative is the best choice

Tenant representatives assist you with negotiations using their knowledge of market trends and understanding of the laws that govern the real estate industry, helping you to avoid making mistakes and being placed in a position of disadvantage. They have a fiduciary obligation to ensure that the needs of the tenant are being met, and can also use their expertise to help you with future real estate needs, such as expanding into other locations, expanding or downsizing the current space that you occupy or renegotiating leases.

Qualities to look for in a tenant representative are those that have an understanding of the industry you’re in. But even more importantly, it is essential to look for a trusted authority who you know has many years of experience, and is someone that you can rely on and feel comfortable with.

How about dual real estate agents?

Dual real estate agents maximise their revenue opportunity in the marketplace by representing both landlords and tenants. While it may sound good to have just one external party acting as an intermediary between both you and the landlord, in reality this creates the very real possibility of a conflict of interest being created. As a result, they are restricted by the advice that they can provide to landlords or tenants, meaning that neither party may be receiving the best advice. Additionally, the fact that dual real estate agents straddle the fence means that they may not have the same level of expertise for either sides to the same degree that a dedicated landlord and tenant representative possesses.

The verdict

To avoid conflicts of interest and to ensure that you are always getting objective, professional advice at all times, hiring a tenant representative who is Australia’s No. 1 Trusted Authority in Real Estate Services is smart. They will represent your best interests free of the constraints that dual real estate agents experience, in order to ensure tenants are always receiving the best results for their real estate needs.

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