Collection House was introduced to CR Commercial Property Group (CR) back in August 2007 and have enjoyed a fantastic partnership ever since.

From the very first job Nicole Duncan and her team attended to, we have experienced top quality services at a fair price.

It is always refreshing in business to have truly trusted partners where client time does not need to be spent constantly checking that value is being delivered – and CR has been the epitome of a real business partner who have acted in our interests without fail.

In the past nine years, CR has fully managed 8 office relocations/office renovations and in each case negotiated favourable lease/end of lease terms which have either met or exceeded our expectations. This has included two relocations of our Headquarters (eight years apart), most recently to the 8,000sqm Skyring Terrace Newstead office, which features what we think is the most fabulous office fitout in Brisbane City!

We have enjoyed the fact that CR have been able to provide a full service encompassing project management, design and fitout, as well as tenant advisory services prior to, during and at end of leases.

Collection House expects to continue working with CR for years to come, and commends them fully to any organisations who are seeking a trusted business partner who can competently assist with tenancy and office relocations and renovations.”

Matthew Thomas
Managing Director & CEO at Collection House

Dear Nicole

Thank you! You’ve been so supportive over the years it is difficult to put a price on the work you’ve done for us, not to mention that I’ve learnt so much in working with you.
I am conscious of how hard it was for you guys given the specific requirement we had but you never gave up and just kept it positive and moving forward. For that I’m very grateful.

The staff are very happy and you can see from the photos the other day that we are up and operational and running fully.”

Mathew Conoulty
Commodity Inspection Services

Thank you again for your dedication and professionalism in looking after our move. There were certainly some challenging moments and as always you have been a great champion and facilitator for Harlequin. My personal thanks to you and to your team.

Michelle Laforest
Managing Director of Harlequin Enterprises (Australia) Pty Ltd

Dear Nicole & the fabulous team at CR Commercial Property Group, Thank you for helping us to secure a fantastic office. We can’t wait to move in, in May 2016! Welcome to the OBE family. Thanks for your part in helping us to provide safe food for families of the world. Kind regards, Dalene.

Dalene Wray
General Manager of OBE Organic

Thank you so much for your assistance and your complete professionalism throughout, it has been great working with you and I really appreciate what you have done for us. We would have been lost without your support.

Peter Perry
Chief Executive Officer of Spinal Cord Injuries Australia

Just a small note to congratulate and thank you for your professionalism with the transaction to Collection House. It goes without saying that your belief in 100 Skyring and of course your relationship with Charter Hall underpinned the success of the deal.

Gerry Leyden
Associate Director, Office Leasing, QLD at Jones Lang LaSalle

Just a quick note to let you know how much fun I’ve had over these last months. Your “cheeky” ways, light hearted attitude and extreme wittiness has kept our time together amusing. Although we have worked hard, we had some great fun.

Carole Hall
Manager at Collection House Adelaide

Just to be clear, Nicole, we could not have gotten here without you. Finding 1PH was perfect. If I had any “waters” I’m sure I would feel something in it/them as well! If you have any potential customer who wants to know if you are good value, I’ll be happy to oblige.

Tom Olsson
Managing Director of Gresham Computing Pty Ltd

Thank you for your assistance with ensuring that the outstanding works were completed in time for our seminar. Greatly appreciated. I’m still impressed with how smoothly our move was and our staff were immediately productive. I’ll gladly be a reference for any prospective clients.

Anthony Nadalini
Director of Revolution Software Services

Just wanted to congratulate you and your team for the manner in which you guys have acted on my behalf and in my best interests since we started this process. You have been great and we achieved a terrific result. Thank you.

Steve Sykes
Managing Director at S.E.Rentals