Landlord Services

CR Commercial Property Group (CRCPG) engages independently with the appropriate participants and stakeholders on behalf of the Landlords.

Our extensive experience enables us to manage the people and the risk whilst working as a cohesive team on behalf of the Landlord. This risk is managed by a collaborative and partnering approach and the acknowledgement of several key stakeholders directly and indirectly.

We will be the Landlord’s one-point of overall responsibility to meet their clients’ goals and objectives.

CR Commercial Property Group (CRCPG) regularly reports on progress, issues, and risks, respecting the required approval process under the Landlord protocols.

We oversee budgets, schedules, scopes and quality objectives. Any risks are to be communicated to stakeholders with sufficient advance notification so the impacts are minimized.

CR Commercial Property Group (CRCPG) will balance stewardship with meeting the needs of the sponsoring Landlord units and stakeholders. We will accomplish this by:

  • Being responsive to the sponsoring unit’s needs.
  • Providing sound process and execution practices.
  • Facilitating choice options.
  • Utilizing cost control techniques when appropriate.
  • Representing the Landlord’s interests.
  • Embracing systematic, inclusive and pro-active communications between sponsoring unit, stakeholders, occupants, etc, as appropriate to the project.
  • Championing delivery strategies that are responsive and appropriate in a given project, always seeking reasonable economies in project costs.

CR Commercial Property Group (CRCPG) will ensure financial status transparency.

We will adhere to the authorization and approval processes. We will seek best value to ensure ethical standards and due processes are achieved.

CR Commercial Property Group (CRCPG) are the TRUE independent link in the commercial real estate industry.

  • We are the right size to be truly independent;
  • And our independence means there are no conflicts of interest.